virus: PPI
Fri, 09 May 1997 14:54:06 -0700

I am in the process of creating and launching an organization, which, among
other things, stresses the importance of memes and memetics. I've sketch
out a statement describing the organization (called PPI), which I've
included below.

I invite you to send any comments or suggestions. My e-mail address is

Mark Lindsay

PPI in a nutshell. The overall idea of PPI is to create a series of courses
whereby people can experience a major =96 perhaps profound -- increase in
their overall effectiveness as well as achieve a high level of sanity and
competence regarding a wide range of factors. The idea is to enable
individuals to become much more powerful and make huge leaps in their
personal effectiveness.

What is PPI? Abraham Maslow used to ask his students, "Which of you in this
class hopes
to become great? Who wants to be a great composer, artist, leader? Who
aspires to greatness?" His students would start giggling and blushing until
he asked, "If not you, then who else?" In the broadest sense, the goal of
PPI is to help bring about and create an advanced civilization by acting as
a catalyst in producing more advanced human beings. More specifically, PPI
is an organization designed to enable individuals to vastly increase their
personal power, freedom and success. To this end we have identified
techniques, methods and information which enable people to make quantum
leaps in their own development.

Some of our main objectives.
- Help bring about an advanced civilization =96 a civilization based on
advanced principle and ideas.
- Act as a catalyst to producing advanced human beings.
- Help spread the freedom meme and promote the sovereign individual=
- Provide the means for everyone to make money by participating in PPI.
- Persuade people that it is much easier and more effective to change
themselves than to change or fix "the system."
- Shift people from the reactive-responsive orientation to the creative
- Provide the basic tools for human greatness.

People need to gain mastery over:
- feelings and emotions
- danger/fear confrontation
- ability to overcome internal blocks
- creating what they want in life
- increasing personal power
- relationships
- money
- risk assessment
- basic thinking skills
- ability to question everything
- decision-making
- reality function
- advanced thinking skills
- semantics and memes
- practical intuition
- will-power and self-discipline
- mental toughness
- diet, exercise and health
- anatomy of religions and cults
- viable political principles
- living free
- the economic means to freedom
- training others
- overcoming bicameral stage 2
- discovering your freedom

Human Evolution
The scope of human evolution thus far can been seen in terms of three
phases. The first phase consists of evolving at the biological level --
physically adapting to the environment by growing thumbs, walking upright,
etc. The second phase takes place at the cultural level. This involves the
creation and/or development of such things as art, science, religion,
commerce, etc. In the third phase, human evolution takes place at the level
of the individual. This means that it is up to each individual to take it
upon himself to develop himself personally. In THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MAN'S
POSSIBLE EVOLUTION, Ouspensky emphasizes that "man as we know him is not a
completed being; that nature develops him only up to a certain point and
then leaves him, to develop further, by his own efforts and devices, or to
live and die such as he was born, or to degenerate and lose capacity for
development." Now of course there are other factors which can contribute to
the advancement of evolution (such as memes), but personal development is
such a huge factor that it makes something like PPI a necessity.