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Ken Pantheists (
Sun, 11 May 1997 02:09:06 -0700 wrote


- - Persuade people that it is much easier and more effective to change
themselves than to change or fix "the system."


People need to gain mastery over:
- - viable political principles
- - the economic means to freedom


The second phase takes place at the cultural level. This involves the
creation and/or development of such things as art, science, religion,
commerce, etc. In the third phase, human evolution takes place at the
of the individual. This means that it is up to each individual to take
upon himself to develop himself personally.


Could you please elaborate on these ideals? Do you mean to say that the
system never needs fixing? Which political principles do you consider to
be "viable"? Why is freedom a state of economic independence? Why have
you placed individual development last in your list?