Re: virus: Re: Memes and Jello
Fri, 16 May 1997 06:42:02 -0700

>Since the list has been so quiet the last few days, I'd like to invite all
>the lurkers (new and old) to "come out of the closet". Introduce yourselves,
>tell us how you found this little corner of virtuality. Have you learned
>anything interesting and/or useful since arriving? Who do you agree with
>and who do you not? What interests you?

I surfed onto the web site and it looked interesting so I joined. I'm
mostly a lurker, looking, learning, observing the unusual practices of
netizens (I love that phrase!). I've only been on for a few days so I
really haven't had time to get to know anyone or agree with anyone. I like
what I see so far.

Strange Love and U2,