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Richard Brodie (
Mon, 19 May 1997 15:40:36 -0700

Wade wrote:

>>If you have access to Parade magazine (it comes as a supplement to most
>>local Sunday newspapers in the US), turn to page 6 and look at the
>>Hidden Valley salad dressing ad. Then tell me it was not done
>And I ask, was what done intentionally for the purpose of what? Why do
>you suspect a marginally phallic image has any power to affect
>It does have the apparent effect of transfixing _you_....

At the least, it attracts attention. Key, whom someone has apparently
told you you're not supposed to believe, hypothesizes that unconscious
repression of the taboo images causes unusual interest in the ad, as
well of course as the association-meme created between sex and the
subject matter of the ad.

There's a great article in the July-August 1988 Spy magazine on a
Newport Cigarette ad campaign. Just perverted!
>When did a cigar become not a cigar?

When Freud discovered people would pay him for it not to be.
>What do you actually think is happening here?

Ad creators believe Key and implement his theories.

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