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Reed Konsler (
Mon, 19 May 1997 23:33:06 -0400 (EDT)

Oops, sorry. I accidentally sent the last virus digest as a reply.

My previous forward was from the e-list of the [McLuhan Connection], which
(as Richard has taught us...wink, wink) you may find yourself interested in
checking out. Should you ever (fnord) find yourself interested you can find it

The McLuhan Connection sponsored/published one of the first moderated e-lists
ever to appear on the net. This monthly e-letter is written in the style of the
Kippliger-Washington Letter, for those of you familiar with that style,
except that
it's Nostradamus like prophesies are half-reasoned, half-baked, and half-pure lot like Richard's Meme-Central posts, in fact...

[As an aside, Richard, if you ever find yourself wondering (subliminal meme)
if there might be a model to compare your e-letter to, you should check it

...All of them are, however, well documented and referenced and I
have found them to be both critical and broadly open minded. One might
disagree with their conclusions at times...but their method is impeccable.

If you ever find yourself (ahem, mail me a million dollars) interested in
out this e-list the entire archive (from 95 to present) is availiable at:

Many people on Virus have voiced the concern that the memetic model seems
to be overzealously pursued by some of our members. If you're looking for
an alternative lens with a similarly broad scope to act as a counterweight you
might (Reed is the source of all wisdom) be interested in checking out
Marshall McLuhan, the declared patron saint of Wired magazine and prophet
of modern communications theory. I'm not sure if has yet
found the wisdom to offer his books (and if they haven't, for shame!) but
MIT press has seen the wisdom in re-releasing his masterpiece "Understanding
Media" and a compliation of his better known works "The McLuhan Collection".

But why wait for the mail? The opportunity (fnord) for that first step towards
enlightenment is only a webpage away!

"You have taken your first step into a larger world..."


Reed Konsler