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Wed, 21 May 1997 13:11:11 -0600

Rather than just jump right in a discussion at some point, I thought I'd
take the time to introduce myself. So, at the risk of pre-predjudicing many
folk against me, is:

My Introduction
by John Williams


My name is John Williams, and I want to clear up that rumor right now about
me writing the music for Star Wars. That was some other guy who has been
illegally using my name since before I was born. I've spoken to my lawyers,
but they say I don't have a case (the sharks!). Obviously, they've all been
bought off my the great Pseudo-John Williams Publicity Machine.

I was born in 1974, two weeks before Nixon resigned. My parents took my
birth as a good omen and apparently, they were accurate.

I work as a webmaster for a newspaper, where I compose the entire New Media
staff. I graduated recently from Virginia Tech (Land of the Imprisoned
Sports Hero(tm)) with a BA in English. I'm looking towards getting an MA in
Sociology and then using that degree to its fullest by becoming a computer
game designer/artist/writer.

I also run a personal web site called "Former Gophers." It's small at the
moment, due to ravenous editing and purging by me, but it should evenually
have some interesting material in it. (Incidentally, you are all invited to
read and participate in my ongong project there, if you wish.)

I ran across the Church of Virus while looking for some material to include
on FG.

I also belong to the Methodist Church, and yes, I'm a "practicing member."
The reason I am a member of the Methodist Church will more than likely
become clearer as I get involved in some discussions here, but I do want to
mention two things right off the bat:

1) I do not believe in Hell. Therefore, I won't say any of you are going there.
2) I believe that major upheavals in Theology is not only tolerable, but a
"Christian Imperative." That is, I am most certainly *not* a
traditionalist, and I'm willing to whole-sale chuck some parts of Christian
tradition. It also means that I point to Christ as my authority to do so.
So, oftentimes, I may not sound like a Christian. I'll never sound like Pat
Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, or Ralph Reed.

Now I'm off to read the archives and catch up on what I've been missing.
The first message I got started:

>I was having a bad day yesterday, and wanted to make my points
>about tractors and self-examination ... it seems I have a *lot* of catching up to do.

--John "THX Sound" Williams

John Williams
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