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D. H. Rosdeitcher (76473.3041@CompuServe.COM)
22 May 97 22:56:55 EDT

David McF. wrote:
>Since the list has been so quiet the last few days, I'd like to invite all
>the lurkers (new and old) to "come out of the closet". Introduce yourselves,
>tell us how you found this little corner of virtuality. Have you learned
>anything interesting and/or useful since arriving? Who do you agree with
>and who do you not? What interests you?

I learnt a lot here since I arrived at the end of Jan.'97 such as:
Critical thinking--questioning everything,
A discussion format which doesn't necessarily arrive at a definite conclusion,
but stimulates a lot of ideas.
More than one model (philosophy) can make sense.
Focusing on the thought process more than ideology.
That you can gain something by debating things with people with a different
point of view.
I got a lot of information and new perspectives either directly or indirectly
from my interaction here
and I thank Richard B. for telling me about CoV.

Over the past couple of weeks I've started introducing critical discussion
to another mailing list, an objectivist group, in which I attack their

I plan ot be away from my computer over the next couple of weeks. Is there a way
I could
unsubscribe temporarily but get some sort of digest or summary of the posts?
--David Rosdeitcher

I plan to be away from my computer a couple of weeks and