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Gifford, Nate F (
Fri, 23 May 1997 09:35:39 -0400

Robin Faichney wrote:

>European farmers are heavily subsidised too. Economists say this
>is for political, rather than economic, reasons. The political power
>of French farmers is pretty well known (in the UK at least).
>Membership of the European Union means the UK probably has
>more farming subsidies than it otherwise would. But there seems
>to be a concensus that big subsidies are on the way out, throughout
>the EU.

Political science seems like a great place to apply memes since politics
relies so much on compromise. Great politicians constantly emphasize
fairness and principle while trying to usurp benefits and resources from
whomever is not in their constituency. My favorite example of that is gay
rights in America. The rhetoric that Americans use to justify
discrimination based on sexual preference sounds exactly like the rhetoric
used to justify discrimination based on race. The truly ironic part of
this is watching people on Black Entertainment Television spit this
vitriol. Its only been 40 years since the black civil rights movement ...
Of course before blacks were even on the political radar screen it was the
eastern europeans, and before them it was the southern europeans, and
before them the Irish.

Would you care to give us a breakdown of who are the most hated/liked
groups in Europe? Perhaps you could include some stories of how they are
destroying civilization. We could see how European boogie men stand up
against American boogie men.

I went to school with a guy from South Dakota who hated American
Indians...which is cool because the opportunities to hate Indians are so
limited in America; they make up 0.8 percent of the population and are
highly centralized in states with really crappy land. This guy could go on
and on about Indians on reservations driving cadillacs, how none of the
Indian women knew who the fathers of their 13 children were, and how the
entire reservations would get drunk every two weeks when the treaty
payments came in.