RE: virus: Church of Virus/Memetics/Faith

Gifford, Nate F (
Fri, 23 May 1997 18:25:13 -0400

Tim Rhodes wrote

>On Wed, 21 May 1997, David McFadzean wrote:

>> There is a well established process for evaluating the reasonableness
>> hypotheses, including but not limited to: How well does it fit with
>> empirical evidence? Does it postulate any unnecessary or unknown
>> entities or forces? Does it contradict any of our existing assumptions?
>> etc.

>Does it confer on the holder a benifit that outweighs any possible losses
>incured through its use?

The keyword being use ... Tele-evangelists reap financial benefits from
their faith that probably would be out of their reach in other lines of
work. Its less clear if the spiritual benefits their follower's receive
couldn't be obtained at a cheaper price. Like everything else offered on
TV the media itself adds to its value. I know several people who gain
relief for grief through religious belief. Who am I to say that isn't a
rational strategy?

Feeling a little odd?
Why not try my God?
Just a little belief
Will offer you relief
>From your grief.

I was grievin '
'Till I started to believe in

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