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J. Houston Williams (
Sat, 24 May 1997 00:12:05 -0400

Greetings, Eric. I'm sure people are tired of hearing from me by now, so
I'll try to keep this short... :-) Fair warning -- I'm reorging your post
to better suit my needs.

>Some people (although unless I miss my mark, not to many
>here) will answer that we are here to serve/worship God, and that we
>should do whatever His authority tells us. (accepting God's ends as
>True regardless.

As a Christian, I might be expected to answer in this fashion, but I'm not
going to. I *would*, if God would go to the trouble of stopping by some
crowded location with CNN present and explain exactly what It wanted.

But It is not likely to, and thus any "authority" must of neseccity be
suspect: did God actually say that, or was it the Reverend?

I don't know if you've read the Bible to any extent or not -- and even if
you have, the popular notion of that Tome as "unchanging truth" puts
blinders on people -- but the Bible serves quite well as a history of
people's maturing (?) beliefs about the world and the world we live in.
Remember that Christ chucked a good deal of Jewish tradition -- said it was
more or less pointless, as a matter of fact. I believe that part of the
Real Message of Christ(tm) was that we have the authority to say, "hey,
this isn't working here, we need to chuck it and build another."[1]

>I've decided that "to travel is
>better than to arrive" and this places me firmly against God and his
>cohorts. Of course, it also makes me realize that my journey has just
>begun and can never really end.

If I had to formulate the God-humanity relationship equation, I'd have to
say that this is the primary purpose. I personally formulate God as a sort
of oversoul -- that is, we are all part of God.

While you're discarding "God and his cohorts," btw, please keep in mind
that most of his cohorts are NOT Fallwellian. :-)

Perhaps this is an appropriate place to bring up the PromiseKeepers?


[1] I'm planing on starting a church myself: "First Church of Christ
Humanist." Anyone up for that? 

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