Re: virus: The Faith Argument (Did i post?)

David McFadzean (
Sat, 24 May 1997 11:25:37 -0600

> From: J. Houston Williams <>
> Date: Friday, May 23, 1997 8:38 PM
> Folks -- a lurker e-mailed me and asked why I hadn't responded to David
> McFadzean's response to my private e-mail to him which was reposted here. I
> can't find it in my <in> box, but i do have a copy that claims it was sent.
> Has anyone seen it?

I haven't seen it, please re-post. You can always check to see if your message
was sent to the list by checking the archives at:

This is updated just once a day so your message won't show up immediately in
the archives even if it is sent out OK.

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