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Sun, 25 May 1997 00:05:42 -0400

Just one more and I'll sleep. No, I do not refrain from posting on Sunday.

At 10:50 PM 5/24/97 -0500, Eric wrote:
>Is it possible that God can both exist and NOT exist and it is
>only my level 2 mind that can only entertain one of these view points at

Two quick thoughts:

If God is an entity in the theoretical multiverse, yes. But only one would
be true in each universe at the same time.

It is quite possible for God to exist and not exist, if there is difference
in god-formulation. Ie, God might actually be a being that communicates to
us only through Bazooka-Joe comics, and we'd never have guessed it. "Our"
God does not exist -- but some other does.

I think the "holds contradictory ideas in the head" quote actually refers
to the ability to understand two contradictory positions. IE: I can see the
Athiest's argument, and I can see the Theist's argument. (It helps that
I've been both.) I can see how each arrives at that position. I do *not*
think Athiests are nuts. I think they are (most of them) quite all there.
Repeat: I *understand* the convictions of both. I only hold on to one side
at a time, though.

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