Re: virus: Church of Virus/Memetics/Faith

Tony Hindle (
Sun, 25 May 1997 05:45:26 +0100

In message <>, "J.
Houston Williams" <> writes
>Sufficient reason here is a key-word. Sufficent on who's basis? Who
>decides? Will you decide what is sufficient for me? I you? Oftentimes, this
>is agreed on -- IE, the scientific community. The world at large (how many
>church-goers called Heaven's Gate kooks, I wonder? My pastor did, from the
>altar, right after a plea for shutting down children's Sunday Soccer
>because it desicrated Sunday. I think Rev. McCready is a Baptist in
>Methodist's clothing....)

No disrespect intended John, but why do you go to this pastor?
if it is because you are a believer then your credibility rating has
just sunk to almost zero.
However it is possible that you represent an example of a type
of person who I find fascinating, are you intelligent and christian? I
have heard that these people exist but I have never encountered one
except for in children.

Tony Hindle.