Re: virus: Church of Virus/Memetics/Faith

Eric Boyd (
Sun, 25 May 1997 16:12:36 -0500

John "Dry-Roasted Army Worm" Williams wrote:

> First of all, I've pretty much ceased going to hear this pastor speak; 50%
> because of his message, and 50% because he doesn't understand the concept
> of a thesis and rarely makes sense anyway.
> I continue to go to the *church* because his associate pastor -- who
> occasionally preaches -- *can* identify a thesis, and in a church-interview
> type thing answered the point-blank question "do you believe in the virgin
> birth" with "I don't think that issue is important to my faith."
> I also continue to go to the church because they not only listen to me, but
> they are receptive. They'll let me say things that are contriversial
> ("there is no Satan," "Jesus's true message was one of self-reliance, not a
> message to worship God," and many will even come up to me and say, "I've
> always thought that, but I thought that made me a bad Christian."

Now that iiiissss amazing! You make me think their might be some hope

But you know what occured to me as I read this? (hold on to you chairs
now, frosh!) What occured to me was that we could literally be seeing
the comming of the Second Christ by the turn of the millennium. But
what I see is not a single person, as everyone keeps thinking. What I
see is sort of like a super-organism of people joining together to bring
us into new light. A Meta-Christ, if you will. "And our meme's will
lead the way..."


it makes no difference if we find
what we think we are looking for
so long as we do not forego
what there is to find
-- Michael McNeilley