Re: The Meaning of Life(tm) (was Re: virus: Religion)

John \ (
Sun, 25 May 1997 18:49:48 -0400

>I realize that the CoV has a limited audience so I'm
>quite willing to support other vectors (maybe even the
>Church of Jesus Christ Humanist :) through web site and
>mailing list hosting. Send me some mail.

Oooh. A mailing list. What a nice idea.

There is a project I am working on which fits nicely with the Church of
Jesus Christ Humanist. It's on my web site (listed below) and is in a bit
of a state of flux, but I invide all of you, and all of your friends, and
all of your friends-friends to participate.

I think that e-mail dialog is nice, but it lacks some cohesiveness. The
quotes start flying, people start scanning the longer posts, etc. So I want
to collect some essays on the Religious Experience(tm) from all sorts of
people: Athiest, Agnostic, Wiccan, Christian, Muslim, etc.

The project is called "Prophets in the Graveyard" (after the Indigo Girls
song "Jonas & Ezekial" -- incidentally, the IG are a good place to go for
Religious Left music) and it's rather small at the moment. Ideally, it'll
become a directed, essay-based discussion. My ultimate plan: to create a
meme-Mayonasse whereby interesting and new memes may form, radically
altering spirituality in whoever it touches.

Then, everyone will give me all of their money and I can afford to move to
New Zealand and never talk to anyone ever ever ever again.

Hell, if you're going to do something like this, ought to dream big.

The current topic (open to everyone!) is "What is Spirituality, and What is
it's Role in Modern Life?" There are three essays online now, with one
meta-commentary that serves as writing guidelines.

Maybe a mailing list will be grow out of that. :-)

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