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John \ (
Tue, 27 May 1997 07:30:28 -0400

At 06:24 AM 5/27/97 +0100, Tony wrote:
> Your make a lot of sense. I just find it strange that you still
>visit traditional churches in search of wisdom.

Do we still read Aristotle in search of wisdom? Do we still read Plato in
search of wisdom? Surely, many new ideas have been discovered since then,
yet they have said much of value. Now: do you only read Aristotole or
Plato? I hope not.

Hence my interest in other religions, and philosophy in general.

The Christian Church has always been in a state of change and growth, as
with any other meme. It merely claims to have been unchanging. Christianity
has always stolen elements from other religions. It merely claims to have
been pure. I feel the culture and philosophy of Christianity is worth
saving, thus I stay in the Church to help move it forward -- to make
Christianity much more than it is now. If you refuse to have contact with
anyone who does not agree with you, you can a) become insulated b) never
make an impact. The Meaning of your Life (CoV version) will merely be
re-enforcing the memes of the like-minded individuals you agree with.

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