Re: virus: Level 3

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 27 May 1997 20:56:23 -0500

Robin Faichney wrote:

> >> Is it possible that God can both exist and NOT exist and it is
> >> only my level 2 mind that can only entertain one of these view points
> at
> >> once?
> >
> >What of God as a tool (a meme, perhaps?) that only has to exist when
> you
> >need to employ it. Like something equally non-existent, such an
> imaginary
> >number or a super-organism.
> You're close, but not quite there: all of these things
> *neither* exist *nor* don't exist.

Now that looks like Zen. I've been reading about it recently in a
book. It says that distinctions like "exist" and "don't-exist" are
infact only products of our minds and need to be discarded in order to
"acheive oneness"... looks like a ten year project to me, since
everything I know and beleive is based on the idea that these
distinctions /are/ valid. Long journey, but one I think would be worth
while. Anyone want to donate $100000 so that I can take a few years off
and meditate on Zen?


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