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Tue, 27 May 1997 23:05:54 -0400

At 08:56 PM 5/27/97 -0500, Eric, not Tom wrote:

>Definitions, yes. I think that we should split "Christainity" into two
>concepts... one for the "religious left", like John (and possibly
>myself, although I will have to go and read the N.T. all over again
>first) and another for the fundamentalists. Any suggestions?

Holy Jesus, I think the Church has seen enough fracturing at this point. :-)

Forgive this natural knee-jerk Christian response, but I really think that
there needs to be a concerted Christian conversion effort... ;-)

The Christian Left should attempt to convert the Christian Right.
The Christian Left should attempt to convert non-Christians to tolerance of

We can't do either of these by calling ourselves other than Christian. We
can, however, subdevide it. "Christian Left." "NeoChristian."
"Christian-humanist." "Process-Christian." Etc. But we have to stay
Christian if we are going to make changes, because a lot of those need to
happen within.

Such a takeover has occured. The Baptists, pre-80s, were fairly liberal --
until the Radical Right launched a concerted, cunning, and even sneaky
campaign to take over the Southern Baptist convention; which included
misrepresentation of candidates to Baptist administration structure,
isolation and alienation of moderate and liberal Baptists in charge, etc. I
see no reason why the CL can't do the same, except maybe the same reason
that keeps Liberals from being alowed to shoot all the conservatives (ie,
we believe in gun control).


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