Re: virus: Level 3

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 28 May 1997 13:47:55 -0500

Robin Faichney wrote:
> metaphor. "Is this real" means "is this meme useful".

Well OK, but then are "meme's" real?

And what about all those objects like garbage that are not useful, and
yet are /obviously/ still real?

> >Long journey, but one I think would be worth
> >while. Anyone want to donate $100000 so that I can take a few years
> off
> >and meditate on Zen?
> If you were serious, and especially if you live in a fair-sized
> connurbation, you could start getting into it at practically no

I'm afraid I live in small town Ontario, Canada.

> cost at all. And I'll guarantee you'd understand this sort of
> stuff a lot better than you do now in a lot less than 10 years,
> even at just a few hours per week.

Let me finish the book first, and then I'll test it out. I don't doubt
that I could /understand/ it in less than ten years. But is that really
what I want?


A child of 5 could understand this! Fetch me a child of 5.