Re: virus: emulation

Dave Pape (
Wed, 28 May 1997 19:50:15 +0100 (BST)

At 06:39 28/05/97 -0400, Tom wrote:

>>Have you read "Consciousness Explained" yet? It's by Daniel Dennett... he's
>>into mind and sequential thought being serial-like software run on parallel
>>hardware. Mind you, he'd probably argue that a lot of not being able to
>>"think well" is because they haven't (in software) developed as wide a range
>>of "mind tools" as they could have.
>hmm. I have heard you mention/discuss this before. I'm beginning to
>suspect my idea arose from some old memories of your posts, combined with
>newer experiences in dorm life. Which might mean that instead of trying to
>develop these ideas on my own, I should trot off and read the book.

It's definitely worth a read. Sorry if I came across too heavy... I was
going to edit my post a bit, but got distracted and then sent my mail
without doing the changes.

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