Re: virus: Dilbert and TV

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Fri, 30 May 1997 20:56:08 +0200

Eric sez :

>> If you watch some stuff on a subject which bores you you'll be bored
>> for sure, innit ?
>Yea well that's just the trouble... I'm bored by all of the things I'm
>ignorant in. Makes me a lousy Trivia Pursuit player... can't ever
>answer things from "History", "Entertainment", "Geography", "Sports",
>and can only sometimes answer things from "Arts and literature"... I do
>get quite a few of the "Science" questions, though. Never the less, I
>can't play the game.

How about this meme :

maybe there's something in the subjects you are "ignorant in" that could
interest you, but heck you wouldn't find the thing because you wouldn't even
try to look at it twice.

It's about belief. If you believe there's nothing at all for you ina certain
subject, then you won't do any effort at all to delve into that subject.

But what IF you believe there is always something interesting in any subject,
it's just you have to find it and relate it to your other areas of interest.

Then you ACT out certain steps to try and see more of the subject.
How it ends up we don't know but at least there's a certain amount
of action done.