Re: virus: Faith (consolidation)

John \ (
Fri, 30 May 1997 17:40:56 -0400

>Sorry, I must have missed that part. From my point of view it seemed like
>you were defining atheist such that no actual living human would fit
>into that category.

Hmm. Well, from my perspective, there are quite a large number of living
humans who fit into the "athiest" catagory -- people who catagorically
insist that no God of any sort can possibly exist under any circumstances.
The reason I'm shocked at you calling these people "not-real" athiests is
because it's the only athiesm I've ever known.[1]

It's one of the reasons I ceased to be an athiest; it seemed a rather
narrow viewpoint.

[1] untruth: I've known two "athiests of convenience." These people prefer
not to get entangled in such discussions (imagine!), and just declare
themselves to be atheist, when "(privately) they'll admit to having no
knowledge, or care, whatsoever. I tend to call these people "apatheists,"
since they are apathetic about the whole issue.

John Williams
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