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Michael Hudson (
Sat, 31 May 1997 02:48:29 -0400 (EDT)

> 2) Where about do you think the vast majority of people sit?
> (What I see here is sort of like a line graph of the population
> here's my guess:
> ----------
> -- ------------- -----------
> -- -- -------
> --- -----
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Left center Right

IMHO, I think most of you would be surprised to find the majority
of the population hanging around the center.
One becomes the extreme left or the extreme right when they try to
continually justify their position past all "real" considerations BECAUSE
they're both afraid of being a hypocrite. And I think most people are
pretty much ok with their own level of hypocrosy. It's only a minority of
people out there, who's whole system of belief is based on solely some
foundation of pure logic where depending if you were right or left... your
assumptions would be the Bible or the mind respectively.
I also think that you described a center that I would perceive as
being liberal and left. Thus, I'd put that description that you had as
left to center. In center, you should find people who believe the
majority of what most people think of as modern Christianity... with some
small changes to suit them their personal god even more! :)

See ya!

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