Re: virus: Autocatalytic Idea System Examples

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Sat, 31 May 1997 13:42:38 +0200

>This was about to send me off on a rant about the failings of the
>extropians belief that we can replace the body and keep the meme space
>intact, uneffected and as sensitive to it environment.

Not really, I think you cannot totally cut it off from the Universe, can you ?
I'd rather think that it is possible to make them exist in alternate media.

Already, the Net has become a great foyer for meme infection (witness this).

Joshua Lateiner, a student of Dennett has done an interesting short essay on

Logical deductions can be supported by a computer (expert systems, etc...).

It's just a question of having sufficient time and using the following
paradigm :

The way we were made is the way to go to make pseudo-we.