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I've browsed through meme central. Alarms go off whenever anyone wants to
be paid to get me past the I'm OK, You're OK stage. By the way, I wore dark
sunglasses while I browsed so the colors wouldn't knock me over. It takes alot
of responsibility to help someone's mind and influence it for the good. How do
you justify this? Are you a god who can see into a person and know what they
need? Are you that objective and cautious? This takes a love that is real; not
that possessive stuff that is used for control purposes-nothing emotional.
What about people that harm who have strong minds? There's alot of them out
there. What about the people who try to suggest that someone gain weight and
be unhealthy, or to contract a disease or die? You suggest or at least Brodie
does, that people can free their minds and then influence others. This is now
open to danger and that which is unsafe and deadly.
Or is that your point? M