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Richard Brodie (
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 21:36:37 -0700

Eric the half-a-Boyd wrote:

>First, on the _far_ left is the STRONG atheist, who says "There is no
>God of any kind" He maintain that we as humankind are completely on
>own, the we evolved and it is entirely our own responsiblity to
>a moral system. I'm not sure anyone really maintains this, but it is
>the fundamental "individualist" position, similar to the political
>position of anarchy.

You aren't sure that anyone really maintains this? As far as I know,
this is the accepted scientific position!

>Next is my position: "weak" atheism. "I do not beleive the Christian
>God exists, or any omnipotent omniscient God" However, given that
>Christianity exists and has for thousands of years, I _am_ willing to
>look at the Bible (and other religious texts too, if I can find them in
>a language I can read...) and /learn/ from what it has to say... after
>all, if I don't let the meme's try, how can I possibly be infected?

How does this conflict with your first position? Atheist doesn't imply

>2) Where about do you think the vast majority of people sit?

Most people don't think about philosophy at all. They just live with the
memeset they got programmed with, which is a hodgepodge of aphorisms,
traumas, and television commercials.

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