RE: virus: Religious Spectrum
3 Jun 1997 16:08:36 -0000

>Eric the half-a-Boyd wrote:

>>Next is my position: "weak" atheism. "I do not beleive the Christian
>>God exists, or any omnipotent omniscient God" However, given that
>>Christianity exists and has for thousands of years, I _am_ willing to
>>look at the Bible (and other religious texts too, if I can find them in
>>a language I can read...) and /learn/ from what it has to say... after
>>all, if I don't let the meme's try, how can I possibly be infected?

"Christianity" has only existed for just under 2 thousand years, but
monotheistic believe has existed for just slightly more (about 5 thousand).
But polytheistic believes and belief in a "Mother Goddess" had existed
from 25,000 b.c.e. By exluding this from your possiblities of memes,
aren't you limiting your total experience by the most 'recent' of
theological ideologies?!

Just a thought!


"Satyr, amuse thyself."

-often misquoted blurb of ancient wisdom

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