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On Tue, 27 May 1997, Reed Konsler wrote:

> >The Internet creates a world-wide synesthesia
> >attributable to instantaneous diverse media
> >transmission on a global basis. This in turn
> >erodes human ability to decode in "real time,"
> >and retrieves, in the language of McLuhan Tetrad
> >Analysis, a "virtual" Tower of Babel. Reporters
> >who have done stories on the degeneration of
> >written speech over the 'Net have noticed this
> >already. Many of the discussion groups on the
> >'Net are in real danger of becoming "much ado
> >about nothing." Individuals desperate for a locus
> >of self-expression (and kept from their goal by
> >the invisible effects on society of unbridled
> >technological change) are finally achieving some
> >form of expression -- but at what cost?
> >Information is fragmented and murky at best,
> >unfocused, untimely and unwanted at worst.

Just to make things clear:
This is from:

Nelson Thall is the Director of Research for our
Center, former Chief McLuhan Archivist for the
University of Toronto, and former president of
the Marshall McLuhan Center for Global

I'm a big fan of Marshall McLuhan and his
progeny. I think his insights have been
forgotten or reduced to a few aphorisms
which are quoted without much reflection.

If you are interested by a current incarnation
of McLuhan's media theory you might want
to check out:

[The McLuhan Connection]


Reed Konsler