RE: virus: A kitten

Robin Faichney (
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 18:40:00 +0100

Eric wrote:
>But I see now that really the image of a kitten chasing it's own tail
>the prefect representation of enlightment...

Sorry, Eric, I love what you're *trying* to say here, but I
really don't think you're going the best way about it.

Surely what corresponds best to the image of the kitten
chasing its own tail is the *unenlightened* state. Sure, it's
innocent, but it's also ignorant. It doesn't realise that what
it's chasing is actually part of itself, and so goes frantic
trying to "capture" it. Immediately on realizing that there
is no such duality, that it already "has" what it's chasing,
because it *is* what it's chasing, then it could chill out,
kick back and enjoy the show.