virus: Bible code

Drakir (
Wed, 04 Jun 1997 15:30:10 +0100

All -

Since it's gone a bit quiet, I thought I'd throw in something that I've
read about briefly in the papers recently. You may or may not be aware
of this "Bible Code" business that seems to be going on. I was just
wondering what people thought about it.

As I understand it, some computer scientist has taken the original (or
most early) bible scrolls, written in Hebrew, and taken out all of the
spaces, then run the resulting "word" through this computer which has
removed every 2nd or every 3rd or every 4th etc letter, and build a new
word from that. Then it's taken that word, and broken the lines up,
following some pattern or other, and searched for modern word matches.
Once a successful pattern was found, the algorithm (is that the right
word?) was run on various important passages in the Bible, and most
events between today, and ages ago have been accurately predicted.
Apparently the world is going to end in 2006. Oh well, at least we get
to go to the Millenium Party :)

The other thing that has come up, is that this may point not necessarily
to a "God" in the religious sense, but rather a more advanced life form
that perhaps started life on Earth. I'm thinking of people like Eric
Von Daniken (or however you spell it), and that bloke who wrote
"Fingerprints of the Gods".

Anyone want to throw in their tuppence worth on this?

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