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Dave Pape (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 23:00:45 +0100 (BST)

At 19:41 02/06/97 +0200, Chitren Nursinghdass wrote:
>>> Yeh, I think so. And... I suspect that it's to do with reasoning being a
>>> competition between neurally coded ideas. IE, two ideas competing for
>>> expression, putting each other down. In those conditions, I can imagine
>>> things developing so that activating one ideaa really leathers expression of
>>> the other. I've gone on record a few times saying that logic's a bit of a
>>> heavy-handed system in terms of discussing "real-world" instances of issues,
>>> and I've always wondered if we have this bipolar logical system because of
>>> the cognitively competitive way our brains/minds work...?
>Read Calvin for that : variation-selection at the coded representation
>level in the cerebral cortex.

I am doing. I'm actually pretty confident that it is so.... cos of how, when
you have a contest between things, there's usually one winner and >=1 loser.

>>> I think that I am a reorganisation of some of the world. I am a patterning
>>> of part of the universe. That pattern is the result of an evolutionary
>>> process, which has selected for patterns which preserve themselves, and
>>> which /appear to/ replicate themselves (it's actually the Whole System being
>>> autocatalytic, from what I can see).
>Or auto-generating or self-referential.

Let the party BEGIN!

>>> "As soon as something gets into the business of self-preservation,
>>> boundaries become important, for if you are setting out to preserve
>>> yourself, you don't want to squander effort trying to preserve the whole
>>> world: you draw the line."
>Well think about it : if the world goes, you go too.

You draw a FUZZY line, then. BUT I bet most people, in less-than-luxurious
circumstances, on the breadline, will go for self-over-world in quite
top-heavy proportions. The "thinking about it" has lots of petty but
powerful memes competing against it.

>Fortunately, by the Meta-transition theory, one knows that memes are a higher
>form of control. Have this meme :

What do you mean by "higher"? I'd have just said "another", because I reckon
memes can override genetic influences on behaviour, and genetic influences
can override memes, depending on the situation.

>But then again cannot you alter your memeset as well ?

Every day my memes drive me to pick up a book I learn from, that's kind of
what's happening. Only I'd love to be able to phrase it without saying "/I/
alter /my/ memeset" because /I/ /am/ the memeset. The memeset alters itself.

>Meta-consciousness is a higher form of control over consciousness.

Higher? Control? If the memeset is modulating itself, who's in control? The
memeset... or the memeset?

>By superstrings theory, there is no separation. It's all linked.
>Buddhists have known this all along, and egyptians as well and others...
>Others are finding out now.


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