You too can be a pope (was Re: virus: Religion)

David McFadzean (
Wed, 04 Jun 1997 18:11:43 -0600

At 12:46 PM 29/05/97 -0500, Eric Boyd wrote:
>Mabye not /all/ of memetics; but it does ignore much... why not design a
>religion that is _appealing_ to the senses and invites people in rather
>than warns them of the dangers of infection.

Actually I do find Virus aesthetically appealing (I have been heavily
influenced by the likes of Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Front Line Assembly,
etc.). I also understand that most people have different tastes than
mine and that nothing I do will appeal to everyone. That's why we need
different versions (vectors) of Virus to appeal to different segments
of the population. How about something called Logos with a classical
Greek motif? Or something called Xen with a far east theme? Or something
called Radiance that plays off of all the light/visual words we associate
with goodness and intelligence? Or a Luciferian Church that goes after the
cheesy evil angle even more than Virus does (demon possession == meme
infection :-)

What else is possible? I have free web space and a mailing list for anyone
that wants to try. (That's a $300/year value!! How can you afford not to?
Don't delay, act now! Limited time offer. Void where prohibited.)

I predicted on this list way back in '95 that the CoV would have a schism
and that one day there would be an Orthodox Virus and maybe even a Church
of Jesus Christ Virus. In retrospect I think the prophecy has already come
true. I had some monumental arguments with David Leeper (now known as
David de Void) and he spun off his own religion called Zero. He learned
his memetics well because Zero already has five incarnations:
- The Church of the Earth
- The Church of Freedom
- The Church of Sex
- The Void (Zen Zero)
- Mojo (Magickal Zero)

BTW, I'm back on friendly terms with Mr. de Void. The official Zero mailing
list is hosted on

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