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Wade T.Smith (
Wed, 4 Jun 97 20:17:40 -0400

>This is absolutely true, and in fact the existence of subliminals
>embedded in the KJV (King James Version) is the main reason for its
>continued success. No fewer than 3,121 embeddings of the word "sex"
>appear scattered throughout its purportedly holy pages (that have been
>found so far!). Recently, researchers at the Santa Fe Institute looking
>for fractal patterns in the KJV found Mandelbrot-like embeddings of
>"death", "sex", and "know" (biblical for coital relations) in 22% of the
>pages. Twenty-two percent is, of course, the optimal reward frequency
>for maximum effect of intermittent operant conditioning, being the
>frequency with which the average (prehistoric) female achieved orgasm
>during normal coitus. In addition, Prof. Marvin Minsky of the MIT
>Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has sent me a pre-publication draft
>of a groundbreaking paper on the subject which postulates the existence
>of "agents" used to weave subliminals through the Bible, Shakespeare's
>works, and the academic transcripts of all Harvard students from the
>university's founding in 1636 until the transcript system was
>computerized in 1978.

Not since the insanely funny meanderings of Robert Anton Wilson have I
ever read such a hilarious piece of fiction as the above. Keep it up,

Of course, you should be using '23%' not 22%....

Are you continually on this medication or do these fits of fancy just pop
out of the blue?

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