Re: virus: A kitten

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 05 Jun 1996 00:04:59 -0500

Alan Ferguson wrote:
> [vicious snip]

> Let me restate the point I was trying to make with paintings instead of
> holograms. It is very difficult to perceive the image in the painting by
> studying the composition of the pigments. To perceive the image you
> must shift to a higher level of abstraction. I wasn't trying to say
> anything profound. I was just pointing out that the "illusion of self"
> can disappear the same way a forest disappears when you perceive the
> trees.


> Additionally we should expect the model inside to be very different from
> the world "out there". A rock and our internal model of a rock has a
> very different property. The Rock "out there" plays no part in
> thinking. The internal model of the rock does.

Point to the object, don't talk about it.

We'll all shut-up now,