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Wed, 04 Jun 1997 23:30:40 -0400

At 11:19 AM 6/4/97 -0700, Prof. Tim wrote:

>What do the Christians think? Was Jesus a fool to die for convictions?

I think it's safe to say that most, ie, 99.44%, would disagree with that
statement. However, most *would* say that the Heaven's Gate folks were. Or,
for that matter, the Communists were.

One should note however, that it certainly appears from the text that Jesus
thought he was immortal. So did the Heaven's Gate folks. Did they have the
courage to die for their convictions? Or did they just have the courage to
attempt to call death's bluff? I mean, if you're convinced that you're
going to an afterlife -- really convinced -- *and* that it's going to be
just peachy, can you call suicide or martyrism "courageous?"


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