RE: virus: Question
5 Jun 1997 14:53:46 -0000

At 9:07 AM 6/4/97, Wright, James 7929 wrote:
>There are no stupid questions, although I've heard some pretty
>silly/strange answers in my time ... and given some of them!
>Check out and investigate the "Church of Virus";
>don't be put off by the names: the lucifer intended was the
>"lightbringer", and the "virus" is after a current book called "Virus of
>the Mind" by Richard Brodie, one of the instigators / publicizers of the
>"meme" theories of cultural transmission of ideas. I belong to the
>"virus" mailing list, and they discuss all sorts of things, primarily
>from a philosophical point of view.
>Amazing how these things tend to converge, one of my mailing lists
>referring to content in another!

Just a quick note to show off my 'useless' knowledge. "Lucifer" comes from
the latin words "Lux" which means light and "fer" meaning to bring, bear or
carry. So how did the bearer of light come to represent 'darkness'?

Just a thought! (albiet quite simplistic)


"Satyr, amuse thyself."

-often misquoted blurb of ancient wisdom

"The only true cure is pure poison"