Re: virus: Question

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Fri, 06 Jun 1997 16:46:05 +0000

>I'm not sure you realize that is the
>usenet newsgroup for the philosophy of AI. You should
>look at it.

I do sometimes, but very rarely, because right now I'm on maths,
magic squares and how they pertain to the planets. At the same time
I'm working on a quantization of time as well as finding a mental
way of factoring large primes. Not to mention a type of
adaptive compression technique which would be very efficient.

I think that the path which orders the numbers in succession in a
magic square, if rotated along a certain axis, forms a near-spheroid,
withthe ends of the paths as well as the sharp turns being important
points on the planetoid latitude.

Just a hunch, but I hunch also that those who have dabbled in the so-called
Black Magic have known that all along.

And calculations with spatial placement of numbers as well.

I'm also thinking about heterotic string theory, 23 dimensions and maybe
platonic solids at the quantum level.

Please understand, although I'm not new to the net, the more things
you do, the more your available time is divided.

Heck, I haven't even finished Sophie's World which I bought as a nice
introduction to the field for myself.

I will look when I have the time. Is there an archive which is nicely
presented ?

>The philosophers you should read depends on what you're
>interested in. But in this particular context, I'd very highly
>recommend Thomas Nagel's essays What is it Like to be
>a Bat, and Subjective and Objective, in his book Mortal
>I'd also recommend Kenneth Sayre's Cybernetics and
>the Philosophy of Mind, but it's out of print and probably
>accessible only via a good university library.

>The only synthesizer-philosopher I know is Rand, but
>unfortunately she wrote a load of crap. (Maybe it
>needs translating to MIDI to sound good.)

I'll check them out.

>Hey, I just thought of something -- do you think I use
>"artificial" pejoratively?

You certainly seemed to. But if you're convinced you didn't, then
I'll believe you're convinced you didn't.

We think like this generally : Nature-made, Man-made,

I think of it as a transitive relationship. The possibility to create
is natural (because based on variation-selection ), now conciously we
can use it in an evil way or in a good way.