Re: virus: Question

Robin Faichney (
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 16:14:00 +0100

Chitren Nursinghdass wrote:
>>I'm not sure you realize that is the
>>usenet newsgroup for the philosophy of AI. You should
>>look at it.
>I do sometimes, but very rarely, because right now I'm on maths,
>magic squares and how they pertain to the planets. At the same time
>I'm working on a quantization of time as well as finding a mental
>way of factoring large primesyaddahyaddahyaddahyaddah

This would be funny if you didn't seem to mean some of it.
I can only hope, for your sake, it's very, very little of it.
Meanwhile, I'm going to give up on this exchange before
I suffocate in bullshit.

PS One last question: do you suffer from bipolar disorder?