virus: Bible Code

Drakir (
Fri, 06 Jun 1997 13:43:58 +0100

I sent this message once, but I don't think that it ever got to the ML,
so here it is again:

I don't know if anyone has heard about this "Bible Code" that has been
reported in some British newspapers (and presumably elsewhere in the
world, but I wouldn't know), but I was just wondering what everyone's
thoughts on it were.

As I understand it, what some mathematician has done is taken the
earliest known scrolls of the bible, removed all of the spaces between
the words, and then applied various filters to it, which removes either
the 2nd or the 3rd or the 4th letter, etc. Then he's taken the new
string and broken it up into lines of varying length (according to a
pattern, I guess) until there are recogniseable events documented. Then
he's applied an identicle filter to various important passages in the
bible, and not claims to have predictions for almost every major event
in the last 2000 years.

I'm not too sure about how reliable this information all is, but I was
just intrigued what people's thoughts/reactions are.

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