Re: virus: Question, meme mutations and their "crossover" +

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Sat, 07 Jun 1997 15:14:47 +0200

Prof Tim sez :

>I think you approach is misguided here (IMHO). Memetic transmission errors
>are not like data transmission errors (as I understand them). A more
>likely memetic drift of the phrase "I WILL LOVE" might be the second hand,
>"He will love soon" or "He's willing love into his life". Memes are much
>more fluid than just groups of words and the same meme is often expressed
>without error using entirely different sets of words.

Yes, your examples are more realistic, I agree, but they don't provide for
semantic memetic variation : if the original semantics were doubled-sided,
then the syntactical expansion into "He will love soon" fixes one semantic.
"He's willing love into his life" fixes another, and hence they become
diluted into two separate systems of thinking, whereas in the beginning
there was a semantic ambiguity.

And your example is more realistic: it happens with more probability.
Witness the hopelessly distorted views of some christians (may you burn in hell
for your blasphemy, Yash !). Do they apply what they are supposed to believe
in ?

Some of them do, fortunately, the others autocontradict.

>> Most men as studies show give little or no credibility to the ideas of women.
>> The achievements of a female are ascribed to luck, but not to her abilities,
>> whereas the achievements of a male are ascribed to his abilities.
>What studies? SHOW ME!!!

I've read that in "Sciences Humaines" a french magazine about psychology,
etc, very nice magazines. It's empirically observed. There must be an english
equivalent to this magazine. I'll try to find out.

If you have net access, have a search for "discrimination" or something like

How do you like my memeseX definitions ?