RE: virus: Book review

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Sat, 07 Jun 1997 15:25:06 +0200

>- Gould evokes Darwin.
>- States "founding fathers do matter in religion, though supposedly not in
>- Gould accuses the "ultras" of an almost theological fervor.

He autocontradicts.

If Gould evokes Darwin, and believes that the latter's claim should be heeded,
then he's actually saying science is a religion. But then he actually accuses
the Ultras as being theological fundamentalists.

And then later he says "there nothing theological in what I say".

Whereas you might think Gould is having an ironical atatck on the fundamentalism
of Ultra-Darwinists by showing the latter autocontradict by not heeding
Darwin's own words, Gould is himself autocontradictory (heed Darwin, I'm
not a fundamentalist as you are, Darwin speaks THE TRUTH).