virus: Re: genes vs. memes

Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 07 Jun 1997 17:22:43 +0000

>Robin Wrote:
>..... and the problem will be solved when
>people realise that security is achieved by psycho/spiritual
>means, not by possessing things.
I wrote:
>But how do you acheive your brand of security and make money at the
>time? ;-)

Robin replied:
Maybe I'm missing something here. The answer is simply
that I don't: I make money 9-5 weekdays (approx) and
meditate and study Buddhism and related stuff outside
these hours. Easy.

Sorry, I did not mean to offend-- I was just pointing out (humourously)
the dissonance between real security (which is psycho/spiritual) and the
popular illusion of security (money)

It's like trying to be an artist (of any discipline) and trying to do
"good work". What's good? The stuff that sells so that you can buy
enough time to do the _real_ good work.

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