Re: virus: Life as a computation

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 13:18:42 +0200

>>Universal computer ?
>This is either a bit of humour or a good example of equivocation.
>I guess all puns are intentional equivocations? :)

Humorous in one system, non-humorous in another.

It's all the same. Let's say that what we create is not extremely optimized.
We succeed in optimiwing when we use the methods we see around us
as algorithms. Like in genetic algorithms, neural networks, fyzzy logic.

Simulated annealing, etc...

The fact that our mathematics can describe so much of our surroundings
means that the universe must be of the same nature.

And by variation-selection we attune our description of the universe.

The universe is a big computer (you'd like to say QUANTUM computer, but
I think there may be more fundamental particles than quarks.)