Re: virus: Meme Transmission Rate Experiment

Dave Pape (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 21:02:46 +0100 (BST)

At 10:25 09/06/97 -0700, Tim Rhodes wrote:
>The following is an idea I had several months ago for an experiment to
>test the rate transmission of a set of memes (chain letters). Since it
>has remained just an idea so far, I offer it up to all of you. If anyone
>wants to use it, please do.

Okay, good idea Tim you blazing diamond of unfettered truth.


How were you planning to record the response rate? Would you use something
like the "send a copy back to..."? Cos it COULD be (if your virus was strong
enough) that you were making a rod for your own back. Interested to see how
this could be got round...

A couple of my friends were thinking of using stuff like searchbots and
numbers of search-engine hits (getting stats out of things like AltaVista)
to track spread of ideas... but I can't see AT ALL how /that/ would work,
cos I've got no idea how they were going to go about getting the stats.

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