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Mon, 09 Jun 1997 15:26:47 -0700

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Hi all,

I'm dumping another one on you. I intend to reply to this person, but I
don't have the time to devote to it now. If any of you find a pithy and
substantive answer to this person's question taking shape in your
consciousness, I would encourage you to post it to the list (and I'll
forward it to Mr. Tran) or respond to him directly. Thanks.


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Subject: Question concerning your homepage and memetics
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I was searching the Net for the topic of memetics and came across your
homepage. I have a quick question concerning your depiction of
ideas/memes. I see that you are aware of memetics and I am sure you are
versed in the ideas of this science/philosophy.

I understand that the science of memetics neither supports or destroys a
particular idea. The life of an idea is sustained first by its acceptance
into society (time and place is critical), and secondly, over time the
idea's ability to ultimately explain reality. (In the short periods of
time, the
second statement may not always apply. Some ideas can be lost due to the
strength of conflicting ideas - for instance the over-shadowing of
Roman and Greek memes by the catholic church between 500 - 1500 AD).

My question pertains to my surprised to find a ICON stating 'Support SMUT'
on a webpage that supports such powerful ideas as memetics.
I understand your support of free speech on the Internet, however free
speak and SMUT are not synonymous. I would like to better understand
your thoughts on this subject to determine if I am seeing this correctly.
My initial impressions upon seeing the ICON was that this supports some
very corrupt memes which can easily be seen by the lives of the people in
that industry.

Peter D.

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