RE: virus: RE: What does the replicating?

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 20:14:15 +0200

At 09:04 10/06/97 -0700, vous avez écrit:
>Sorry, I can't parse this!
>Richard Brodie +1.425.688.8600

>>Richard, just tell them that in any case,
>>it's the power of the self-replication
>>It's so successful that it has long been with us.

What I meant was this : the most successful meme ever is the
meme of self-replication.

Why ? Because whatever succeeds in self-replicating will prevail
in the universe, and hence, when people study their environment,
they're bound to come upon that meme sometime or other.

In any case, we're seeped into that meme : if there's no sex,
our species doesn't survive. We churn out millions of copies
of the same book. We automate the processes, we marvel at
the functioning of our own DNA.

Self-replication and self-similarity is a very successful meme.

>>Besides, you haven't answered me:
>>do you know in which college in Cambridge you can
>>find some very interesting texts to dissect from the
>>self-referentiality point-of-view ?

Or even self-replicating point-of-view.

This question is related to your speaking of work done by Minsky
about fractal equations inside texts, agents in texts of Harvard academe.

If you're serious, then I think one should try to study the texts
at Trinity College, Cambridge, England from the same point-of-view.

There are papers by some people which you should concentrate upon methinks.

Have you had a look at the Shakespeare site I sent as well ?

Else just forget it.