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Wed, 11 Jun 1997 19:39:56 +0200

>David McF wrote:
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>>>Chitren Nursinghdass wrote:
>>>>I think they're the same, and this can be seen in language like
>>>>hebrew, and sanskrit as well.
>>>Anyone care to comment on the style of disputation evident
>>>in that last paragraph, in memetic terms?
>>I'm shocked and dismayed that Chitren can get more of your
>>attention by spouting nonsense than I can within reasoned debate.

Too bad, I'm dead serious. But don't think this post is just a rant.
In every one of my post there's actually a piece of knowledge I want
to share. I'm particularly disapointed by David for
viewing my words this way. Robin hasn't been friendly at all anyway,
so there's nothing much to say about him.Except I'm shocked and
dismayed that somebody as ignorant and vile-mouthed as him can get
to say his word in peace (no matter if there's not an ounce of sense,
only personal attacks), whereas mine are labelled nonsense.

That's the way it is, maybe. Doesn't really matter anyway. I
am serious about what I say, except when I'm joking, but even then
you can nenver be sure, can you ?

There's a mnemonic in french for pi and it goes like this :

"Que j'aime a faire connaitre ce nombre sacre aux..."

The key is to remember that the number of letters in the words give you
the numeral.

Hence you get 3 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3.

I've come across a sanskrit passage on the net. When you read it,
it's just like another ode or prayer to Krishna, going a little like
this :

"Oh Lord, etc.... etc...Please Lord protect me".

Now the astonishing thing is the key to that one.

Each SYLLABLE is a numeral, giving you pi to a place of 32 decimals
or something.

Now, how come this mnemonic which is very old is more efficient
than the newer french one, and in fact resembles Dominic O'Brien's
techniques for memorisation in some ways ? O'Brien is in the guinness
book of world record for many years.

The optimized representations of Sanskrit and Hebrew resemble
formal languages very closely to me. And I just wanted to share
this meme with other people.

At least I share what I learn.

Check out the site of "Meru Foundation" for the Hebrew stuff,
together with the Triunity or the Y files section.
At the Meru site, you can find a chart of correspondence between
Hebrew and Arabic letters as well. A friend of mine told me today
that the language of origin of these two is called Cyriac.

Very interesting stuff which you can link to Sacred Geometry.

The sankrit stuff I found on some other page, but I cannot remember where.
It must be easily spottable if you're searching for pi and sanskrit.

Apparently the Sumerians also had a very efficient language-number
coding scheme.

This makes your language incredibly rich as you can have many levels of
interpretation for just on syntactically correct phrase.

That is, several memes can be extracted (depending on your interpretation of
them) from just one meme description. An efficient way of coding and
transferring memes.

John Dee who has worked on the Enochian or Angelic language
has spoken about a version with 49 different levels of interpretations.

How many memes can you transfer with just one sentence in this type
of language ?

If you can't see the relation between what I say and memes,
then maybe you're not willing to make the connections, or maybe
I don't explain correctly.