Re: virus: Question

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 12:57:53 +0200

>And I apologise to *you*, David, for failing to notice that mail
>was private, and responding to the list.

Poor soul, truth will prevail. Liars, hypocrites and other non-altruistic
people cannot prevail. They may exist on the toil and patience and
love of altruistic people (see David Sloan Wilson's article about
reintroducing Group Selection in biology). But on their own they're
weaklings. As a group they fall in the face of altruistic groups.

>However, I think you go just a little too far in your retraction,
>here. I, for one, will not be responding to any of Chitren's
>messages in future,

That'll give me more time to study and learn from other people
who share their knowledge instead of trying patiently and politely
to answer your questions laden with insults. Suit yourself.

>and regarding what he said about me
>in a very recent message, I am *extremely* happy for all
>others on the list to make up their own minds about what
>each of us says, and how they say it.

Like begets like. In plain english : "what did you say about me ?"

Maybe we're not to try to be good or bad, but just just.
Like in the iterated Prisoner's Dilemma of Robert Axelrod.
Or the Way of the Middle in Buddhism,
Or the Middle Pillar in FM and QBLH,
Or the R+C, etc...

I think the group is strong, if group there is. And will prevail.

But then again, Robin, you spend so much time insulting others
that you don't know about these, right ?

Why don't you have a netsearch and read about what I say before
judging prematurely ? As if you could even judge.

Only a just man can be judge. Only a King can Regulate, give Rules/Laws,
Reign. Rex/regis is the Ruler by which others will be measured.

A friend of mine has done a thesis on Artificial Life and he has
even done a type of spatially iterated Prisoner's Dilemma.

Very interesting results.

Autocontradicto non perdurabo.