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At 02:55 AM 6/12/97 -0400, L. Darkstar wrote:

> He's not the Lord of All Creation. Tell them to read the Bible, it might
>enlighten them. He was the son of the Lord of All Creation, and quite
>possible heir to the throne, but he was NOT the Lord.

Well, technically speaking, that would make Jesus a demi-God, and
Christianity could no longer lay claim to being monotheistic.

People justify the "Jesus is Lord of All Creation" through the Trinity;
where each part is a manifestation of God.

I don't see that as being a particularly hard concept to swollow, myself,
symbolically speaking. But before I get in too deep, this is one of those
things peripheral to my faith; it's not that big a deal with me, you know?
I'm not, like, ready to die for that or something. :-)

I just want to point out that in some Christian philosophies -- and I'm
talking "not lay-philosophy" -- the Jesus as Creator statement could be
well defended.

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