Re: virus: Re: heaven's gate kooks
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 13:18:43 -0400 (EDT)

>Well, technically speaking, that would make Jesus a demi-God, and
>Christianity could no longer lay claim to being monotheistic.

My, my, what an interesting point.

>People justify the "Jesus is Lord of All Creation" through the Trinity;
>where each part is a manifestation of God.

We are all manifestations of God, that doesn't mean that I'm a lord of
creation, or a goddess of destruction. It just means that I'm a
manifestation of God.

>I don't see that as being a particularly hard concept to swollow, myself,
>symbolically speaking.

Symbolically speaking, you're probably right.

> But before I get in too deep, this is one of those
>things peripheral to my faith; it's not that big a deal with me, you know?
>I'm not, like, ready to die for that or something. :-)

I know. :-)

>I just want to point out that in some Christian philosophies -- and I'm
>talking "not lay-philosophy" -- the Jesus as Creator statement could be
>well defended.

By who, and would Jesus himself defend the statement?

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